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	Logistics & Operations Manager</p>

    Logistics & Operation Manager

    Logistics management consists of the flow of materials and goods through a business. Logistics workers, otherwise known as supply chain managers, look after the departments that get the materials and supplies that are put into a business. The task of the mana...Read More >

Explore Career Options after MBA

  • Retail Manager

    As a retail manager, you will be responsible for the supervision of retail outlets, which include sales, staff, stock and resources management. &nbsp;Though the educatio...Read More >
  • Investment Banker

    An investment banker represents a financial institution working with bigger companies as well as individuals who invest their money in mutual hedge funds, stocks and bon...Read More >
  • Brand Manager

    Identity is one of the key determinants for a product&#39;s success or failure in this competetive market. A product may be very good and customer-centric, but if you do...Read More >
  • Portfolio Manager

    If you want to do highly analytical work and love the financial markets and the ever-changing world of current events, then a career as a portfolio manager isthere for y...Read More >
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